Monday, August 24, 2009

West Family Looking Fine

I am not quite sure what to say about these photos...except that we are one fine family! (only flaw is that we are missing our other 3).

More friends

Us with the Keuchenberg clan...and Chris/Alison Ude!

Friends from China

We made great friends in China. Bottom right: Michael & Heather (Cincy area); Top Left: Kevin and Michelle (Richmond); Middle: Ken & Amy (Milwauke). Their kids, respectively Bella, Levi, and Della.

Flashing back to last week. We had a group photo session with all 15 families...and lots of great pics as a result.

More Asher at Home

Asher has a new bed! We've begun the attempted migration:

* Sleeping with foster mother for months

* Sleeping with Alison the last 2 weeks

* Sleeping in a toddler bed next to our bed (began last night)

* Sleeping in a toddler bed across the room (in a few weeks?)

* Sleeping in Dallas' room (in a few months?)

For now this remains key issue #1: getting him to sleep more! And further from us! But we'll settle for the first for now.

More pics attached:

* playing with a "hat"

* playing with sisters

* Siblings in Chinese attire

* flying in Super Pop's arms

* walking in yard

At home with Asher.

It was fun getting home with Asher. He had fallen asleep in the last flight, so he was a little drowsy when the first photos were taken...but warmed up to his siblings quickly thereafter.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guangzhou. Guangzhou. Guangzhou.

We're still in Guangzhou. The famous baby hotel (The White Swan)...on an island on the Pearl River. Great spot. Lots of comforts for us Westerners. 4 great days of bonding here. Gone swimming 3 times. Lots of restaurants (Asher takes an hour to he doesn't really rush our meals). Times with the other families. Its been great.

Slightly harder day for Asher today (rough sleep last night, bad naps, longer crying at bed). But he's still doing great. And he was a ton of fun with Nathan and Lori - his first visitors / family to meet him.

We go onto Hong Kong tomorrow night for 2 nights there...and then catch a quick flight to chicago and another to Pittsburgh.